Claudio Michaelis

PhD Student in Machine Learning

University of Tübingen

IMPRS-IS Tübingen

How can we build computer vision models that can handle the complexity of the world? We find that current models have a hard time generalizing beyond their training categories, dealing with image corruptions, handling clutter and tend to use shortcuts like using texture instead of shape. If we really want to build machines that don’t discriminate, are safe to use, understand our intentions and work beyond simplified environments like assembly lines we will have to understand their failures and learn how to fix them making sure that our fixes really solve the problems and don’t just cover them up.

Before becoming a PhD student in the labs of Matthias Bethge and Alexander Ecker I studied Physics in Konstanz. I there headed the student union and represented the students in the university senate, two experiences that required me to learn a completely new skillset including public speeking, project and organization management as well as hiring and supervising emloyees. Taking these commitments comes from a deep conviction that most things can be organized in a way that profits everyone.

Beyond studying and work I am interested in arts and culture as well as a number of sports including slacklining, climbing, mountainbiking, sailing and hiking. These interests lead me to a number of great experiences including organzing the 2015 Baden-Württemberg Poetry Slam Championship, founding the Konstanz Slackline Association, working as a sailing teacher, accompanying extreme swimmers as skipper and two stays in South America for travelling and voluntary work.


  • Object Detection
  • Segmentation
  • Few-Shot Learning
  • Robustness
  • Understanding DNNs
  • Computational Neuroscience


  • PhD Candidate in Machine Learning, since 2017

    Intl. Max Planck Graduate School for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen

  • MSc in Physics, 2013 - 2016

    University of Konstanz

  • BSc in Physics, 2009 - 2013

    University of Konstanz





BW-Slam 2015

Oganizing the 2015 Baden-Württemberg Poetry Slam Championship

Kulturticket Konstanz

Free entry to theatre and concerts for all students in Konstanz.


Building a low cost drone to support Search And Rescue (SAR) missions on the mediterranean sea